jQuery is getting very popular as different website designers and developers are beginning to add more interactivity to their website projects. Check out these great jQuery tutorials that show how to add some great jQuery effects to websites.

Form validation from scratch

jQuery Form Validation

Incredible jQuery Login Form

jQuery Login Form

Creating a Digg Style Signup Form

Digg-style signup form

Color jQuery & CSS3 Sliders

jQuery CSS3 Sliders

Working with Events – Part 1

jQuery Events part 1

Ajax-based Form Submission

Ajax Submission Form

jQuery Fade-in Spoiler

Fade-in Spoiler Tags

Dynamic Page Content Replacement

jQuery Content Replacement

Simplify Ajax development with jQuery

simple Ajax development

Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery

simple jQuery toggle

Create a unique Gallery with z-index

unique jQuery gallery design

Design Skype-style buttons with jQuery

Skype-style buttons using jQuery

Apple-style Slideshow Gallery

Apple-style Slideshow

From PHP & XML into jQuery

PHP/XML into jQuery

Manipulating the DOM(code snippits)

Manipulating the DOM through jQuery

Semantic Blockquotes with jQuery

Semantic Blockquotes with jQuery

jQuery Basics with Google Maps

Google maps Basics

Create a Live Updating List

Live update list with jQuery

Flickr CSS Menu Design

Flickr Horizontal Menu Design

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