Cartoon characters helps to add extra quality to an already great design. There are different kinds of cartoon character designs and below we have compiled a list of the top cartoon character design tutorials for your use. Enjoy!

1. Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4

2. Drawing a Funny Game Character

3. Create a Twitter Style Bird Mascot

4. How to Create a Killer Chainsaw Bunny Character

5. Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Bug Tutorial

6. Symmetrical Illustration: Thug Bunny!

7. How to Draw a Cartoon Duck, Character illustration

8. Basic Shading and Lighting

9. Digital manga illustration

10. Create a Vector Pirate Cartoon Character from a Hand Drawn Sketch

11. Vectorial character design with Illustrator

12. Drawing a character’s face in Illustrator

13. Create A Vector Art Twitter Bird Character Icon In Adobe Illustrator

14. How to Create a Stinking Zombie Flesh-Eater in Illustrator

15. Monster Character Series Part 1

16. Monster Character Series Part 2

17. Monster Character Series Part 3

18. Monster Character Series Part 4

19. OWL DiNG Tutorial

20. Create a Super Happy Octopus Character

21. Character Illustration

22. How to Create a Cartoon Character with Expressive Lines

23. How to Create a Cute Hippo Character!

24. Tutorial: Creating convincing characters

25. Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Snail Tutorial

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