As a graphic designer, finding really great fonts can be a really daunting task and finding the free great fonts is even more daunting. We all know the effect of great fonts on any design piece as it helps bring out the complete quality of our work. Great professional fonts can cost around $49 and even much more for some really great ones, so finding a variety for free is really a live saving for lots of designers out there and that is why we have found out 40 really great professional fonts you can use for free on your next graphic design project.

1. Gentium

2. District Thin

3. MG Open Moderna

4. Pigiarniq Inuktitut font

5. Delicious

6. Anivers

7. Tallys

8. Mido

9. Fontin Sans

10. MG Open Cosmetica

11. Geo Sans Light

12. Nadia Serif

13. Yanone Kaffeesatz

14. JustOldFashion

15. Lido STF

16. Cardo

17. Day Roman

18. Liberation Serif

19. Liberation Sans

20. Romeral

21. Scriptina

22. Mank Sans

23. ChĂșcara

24. Qlassik

25. Diavlo

26. Engel Light Ltd

27. Cicle

28. Kontrapunkt

29. FF Good Wide Light

30. Fontin

31. Colaborate

32. FF Mt

33. Fertigo

34. Steiner

35. AUdimat (v2)

36. Greyscale Basic

37. Existence Light

38. Lacuna

39. Com4T Fine Regular

40. Silkscreen

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